Far From the Madding Crowds

Long did I build you oh house!
With each memory I carried stones
And I saw your roof mellowed by time
Changing as the sea
Dancing against a background of clouds

Here, in a prized, private corner of Kingower the delightful, comfortable home, built over an original slab hut, is surrounded by a beautiful old winery. The wing facing the Mediterranean style courtyard offers two bedrooms, each with an en suite. It was used as a bed and breakfast. Another special feature of the house is that all that you see from your windows belongs to you while an added bonus is the history and vision of those who lived and loved here, who spent years shaping it.

The cellar door has not been operating for awhile now but to say that it helps you to read a place makes complete sense. Just as some characters demand that a writer tells their story this building, like an eccentric character, demands to be heard. Here, in this historic precinct you can ‘read’ the history. The frame came from the old Logan Hall and the old shop front was a part of the Inglewood Funeral parlour.

This property is open to the wind of another time. Listen to the Native Thrush and Spotted Pertelote who call this home and they will pass on stories about the Taig’s who felled timber and made iron bark sleepers here. This property, like a siren, will draw you into its fold and fill your head with tales of gold and what the search for gold did for the people who came here. It will tell you of how it has been loved and protected and of what it still has to offer to those who have the fire and imagination to love it.

Graeme LeithTo read the story of how Graeme Leith developed Passing Clouds here at Kingower click the link to order a copy. Make sure to read The Vision Splendid – Chapter 5.

You can come with your own vision! This property could be worked as a winery. It has vast sheds that a car collector or artist could use. Equally this would be the ideal place to operate Airbnb, bed and breakfast or it would be the perfect place to establish a health and well being retreat!

For information about the sale of this property contact Maher Real Estate Eaglehawk.

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